tradition_lagenovese_2The sons, Piero and Dario, came into the same passion of coffee, and the Company conquered a very important position in the field of roasting. Dario roasted, Piero scoured the region offering a product and a service really in the vanguard for the times. Thank to this familiar heredity and a great love for the product, La Genovese passed through best times and crisis of market, and now, with a nearly a century long experience, can offer a very high quality product.
To be competitive in the new millennium market, the company is structured with a modern, efficient and flexible organization, which enables to cover all market sectors, offering to the customers an accurate and personalized service; production is developed by up-to-date technologies; there is a plan for building a new structure in Villanova d'Albenga to support sells which constantly grow; new market are explored, from East Europe to Far East. But care for roasting, love for the product, service to customers are the same of the little artisan shop, the "coffee culture" is the same of the founder Giuseppe Borea, and it is a guarantee for a high-class coffee.